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Cellmod is the electronic brainchild of Juan Espinosa exploring all all territories of Trance, Futurepop, EBM and Synthpop

Cellmod was born to display an adaptation to his surrounding environment. The name itself signifies a desire to unify with the very roots of one’s physical being, or in simpler terms, Cellmod is taking it back to the vibe and pulse of the music. Cellmod’s keen sense of formulating a balanced equation for the depths of clubs around the world comes in the form of translating mood and emotions and movements, using electronic elements in place of beakers and bunson burners. His music can vary from energetic and aggressive to mysteriously tranquil and boding. The focus is on the motion of the music, all the while still exploring sound and structure.

With releases under Infacted Records, Deathwatch Asia and Other label, Cellmod continues his exploration into electronic music constantly mixing sonic colors and textures to formulate the best.

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